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You have reached the web page of Jean-Michel Logan.  Here you will find an online portfolio of a selection of my past projects, employments and volunteer involvement.  The menus on the top of this page will take you to pages containing examples of my professional experience, my CV, and other work I have participated in and am currently involved in.  This current page will serve as an introduction to myself and my approach to engineering, design, and people.I have been working towards a goal of becoming an outstanding, communicative project leader in clean energy development with a stellar, varied background of technological ability.  Thanks to my hands on fabrication skill set, my Masters of Science in Clean Energy Research in Engineering, and my experience in leading and participating in multimillion dollar engineering projects, I am developing myself into a strong, knowledgeable, and creative individual.My broad experience includes welding and machining, mechanical design, appropriate technology implementation,programming, website development, public speaking, entrepreneurship, charity development, professional coaching, project management and project leadership.  With this varied and valuable experience base, I am an excellent addition to any business and will fully commit my endeavours to ensure success.

As an engineer, I have found that far too many people needlessly complicate projects, designs, and situations.  Too many times I have seen a project underway, held an object in my hand, or watched an event unfold and thought why?  Why has this become so complicated?  The principal is easy, the goal is clear, and the parties want the same outcome.  So what happened?

There is something inspiring about a simple solution, a simple design, an easy way to see things.  This is the thought which guides my engineering, my designs, and my interactions with people.  My engineering philosophy is to design the simplest, most cost effective solution I can.  I design components for the easiest manufacturing possible.  Moreover, I design components for others to use, and enjoy using.

I also have fun interacting with people.  I knock that traditional shy engineer stigma right out of the park.  Some engineers see these interactions and situations as a problem.  I see them as the starting point for solutions.

Here are my simple solutions to problems.

Listen.  Truly listen.  Listen with no opinion of your own.  It may be difficult, it may be awkward, but listen openly and with no judgment.  Try to honestly see and understand the other point of view.  Get on their side and really feel where they are coming from.  It is always much easier to make friends and work with someone on a project, design, or situation than to convince them that your solution is the best.  Besides, I promise that you’ll learn something.

Anyhow, thanks for reading and enjoy looking around the site.  Feel free to contact me for any questions, or just to start a discussion.

Jean-Michel Logan

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